What on earth is landscape hypnosis?

Landscape Hypnosis is a virtual environment which forms the setting for your innovative, state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions.

Studies at University College London by me in the early 1990s revealed a clear benefit in consistent imagery from one session of hypnosis to the next. It became clear that the old fashioned imagery of walking down random generic steps, or descending in a featureless elevator just didn’t cut it any more.

Clients wanted modern intervention. They wanted fun. They wanted exciting, engaging and interesting experiences during their hypnmosis sessions.

With Landscape hypnosis the imagery,sound effects, and background music are all these things and more. With the realism of a rich and engaging landscape, described in a way that allows personal interpretation, together with authentic sound effects and music, will enable you to enjoy a rich, consistent, and flowing experience from one session of hypnosis to the next.

From mountain paths to a bluebell wood; in temples, summer houses and even an Island palace, enjoy the integrated Landscape today!