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Hypnosis for sleep

Poor sleep is a problem thought to affect around 30% of the population in the UK at any one time. Problems commonly relate to the quality of sleep as well as the quantity, and the commonest difficulties are not being able to fall asleep, restless sleep, and early waking.

Hypnosis is an ideal medium to help you. Commonly, people complain of an inability to ‘switch off’ and the deep relaxation produced in hypnosis facilitates a smooth transitioninto sleep, and a calming of the mind. Regular use of the session can reduce the feeling of dread at bedtime ‘knowing’ that you won’t sleep well.

Some of the places visited during this session, (click for larger pictures)

During this session we’ll be relaxing by the waterfall and enjoying the sounds of summer, before walking alongside the summer meadows, crossing the bridge to the island, and visiting the Ricci Palace. You’ll experience full stereo sound effects recorded in digital CD quality, including the sounds of the waterfall and the lake, of summer, of the wooden bridge and the Ricci Palace.

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