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Hypnosis for skin irritation

SKin irritation (we’ll be using ythe example of eczema here),  is a common skin condition usually treated with emollients and topical steroid ointments or creams. In many cases, the irritation can cause problems due to something called the scratch-itch cycle. This is the problem of irritation causing scratching, which in turn causes skin damage, which in turn causes more irritation. We’ll be aiming to reduce the perception of irritation to help affect this cycle, and improve the problem.

Some of the places visited during this session, (click for larger pictures)

During the session we’ll be starting by sitting near the foot of the waterfall, (which will be to our left). After relaxing there, we’ll be enjoying the sights and sounds of summer some more on the wildflower meadow path alongside the lake. Once we reach the lake, there will be time to relax in the cool waters, giving relief to the irritation. You’ll experience full stereo sound effects recorded in digital CD quality, including the sounds of summer, the sounds of the waterfall, birdsong, the shore of the lake and the lake itself.

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