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Fear of flying

Fear of flying can be addressed to some extent using the same methods as a re used for any fear. Rehearsal in hypnosis has long been recognized as an effective method of management of fear of flying, and in this session, the use of state of the art digitally recorded sound effects immerse you in a full flying experience for realistic rehearsal. We start on the journey to the airport, then experience the sights and sounds of the airport itself, and later the aircraft, including the in-flight experience which even includes cabin announcements!

Some of the places visited during this session, (click for larger pictures)

During this session we’ll be starting by sitting near the foot of the waterfall, (which will be to our left). After relaxing there, we’ll be enjoying the sights and sounds of summer some more on the wildflower meadow path alongside the lake. We’ll then be crossing the wooden bridge to the Ricci Palace, and visiting a room there. You’ll experience full stereo sound effects recorded in digital CD quality, including the sounds of summer, the sounds of the waterfall, birdsong, the shore of the lake and the Ricci Palace.

You’ll also experience the sounds of the airport itself, and the aircraft, including the in-flight realism.

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