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Hypnosis confidence

It’s often thought (by those that lack self-confidence), that self-confidence is something you either have, or do not have. In fact, self confidence is something that is learned, usually when young, but by many when older. A lack of self confidence can be a disabling thing. The avoidance of social interactions, disadvantages at work, the feeling of being frozen for fear of saying something stupid, and this very fear preventing you from thinking of something appropriate to say.

I’m sure you’ve heard of method acting, when actors create in themselves the thoughts and feelings of the character they are playing. Well, self confidence is a little like that. If you act the part of a self confident person often enough, it ceases to become an act and becomes part of who you are. This session gives you the tools to enable you to become that confident person, and to remain that confident person in the future.

Some of the places visited during this session, (click for larger pictures)

During this session we’ll be walking down the mountain path with the stream to our left, then walking down the waterfall steps and enjoying the sights and sounds of the waterfall, before relaxing at the calm pool. You’ll experience full stereo sound effects recorded in digital CD quality, including the sounds of summer, of the stream, the waterfall and the calm pool.

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