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Reliving and future rehearsal

Introduction Much of our work in hypnosis is done in the here and now. However there are occasions when it is helpful to: Revisit former experiences (reliving - or sometimes age regression). To rehearse planned future experiences (future rehearsal or 'age- progression). Reliving, affect bridge and future rehearsal Reliving In practice it is usual to [...]

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What on earth is landscape hypnosis?

Landscape Hypnosis is a virtual environment which forms the setting for your innovative, state-of-the-art hypnosis sessions. Studies at University College London by me in the early 1990s revealed a clear benefit in consistent imagery from one session of hypnosis to the next. It became clear that the old fashioned imagery of walking down random generic [...]

What is self hypnosis?

Where will you go in your sessions? Self-hypnosis may be considered in various ways depending on the context within which it is used. Examples of contexts include experimental, clinical, and 'self- developmental.' Within each of these contexts there may be many different approaches to self-hypnosis. For example, self-hypnosis audio recordings. Hannigan (2000) draws attention to [...]

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The Special Place in Hypnosis

The special place in hypnosis, (also called the safe place or the relaxing place), is a useful tool for hypnosis and can be used by people in stress management, anxiety management, and self-hypnosis. The 'relaxing place' can be a real or imagined place. Beaches and gardens are often desired. The more details that can be [...]

Hypnotic induction and deepening

There are many types of inductions and deepenings... The following are the most common induction/deepening procedures. Breathing techniques Breathing techniques are widely accepted as being helpful as part of anxiety and/or stress management and can also provide a very effective induction procedure. They can be very simple or elaborated [...]

Hypnosis & habit – The theory

The use of hypnosis in the treatment of habit disorders - The theory Habit disorders are characterised by a persistent behavioural activity that may or may not have detrimental physical consequences for the individual but which is socially or personally undesirable or unacceptable. Some habit disorders such as smoking, excessive drinking, substance abuse, thumb-sucking and [...]

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Hypnosis & habit – practical issues

The use of hypnosis in the treatment of habit disorders - Practical issues When a habit (such as nailbiting or overeating) signifies an underlying psychological problem, qualified practitioners may consider using hypnotic techniques to 'uncover' and treat the 'root' problem. This work may lead to the accessing of very intense emotions and should not be [...]

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Using self-hypnosis downloads

Self-hypnosis downloads are completely safe to use with a few common-sense safeguards. All our hypnosis downloads carry a short safety introduction covering the important points, most of which are really obvious! We've summarised here the safety points together with some suggestions to help you enjoy your download to the full. General points for Self-hypnosis downloads [...]

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